beach towel case

Case study of customizing beach towel case

In June 2022, we embarked on a journey with Mr. Johnson, a beach resort owner based in Australia. He envisioned a custom EVA beach towel case — a unique combination of style and practicality, designed to enhance the convenience of his resort’s guests. His desire was simple, a tailor-made solution that would comfortably carry beach towels and accessories while keeping them dry and clean. 

Our approach was collaborative. We began by thoroughly discussing Johnson’s specific requirements and expectations for the custom EVA beach towel case. His ideas, combined with our expertise, shaped the initial design concept presented in just a week.

We proposed the use of EVA foam with a hardness of 65-degrees and a thickness of 4mm. This ensured the case would be lightweight yet durable. The exterior, crafted from a water-resistant, blue 600D Oxford fabric, proudly displayed the resort’s logo. Inside, a waterproof lining protected the contents, keeping them dry and ready for use.

One innovative aspect of our design was the integration of small shaped holes throughout the case. This unique feature expedited water drainage, ensuring the towels and accessories stored within remained fresh and dry.

Upon seeing our design, Johnson was thrilled. He enthusiastically gave us the go-ahead to proceed with creating molds and samples. We meticulously fine-tuned these samples, addressing any arising concerns and making necessary adjustments. The final design came equipped with a handy top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport to the beach or poolside.

The final samples of the custom EVA beach towel case met with Johnson’s delight, impressing him with their functionality and aesthetics. He valued our attention to detail, problem-solving approach, and consistent communication throughout the project. The result? A sizeable order for his resort, augmenting the overall guest experience. This success story showcases our dedication to customizing beach towel cases that exceed customer expectations. Check out our detailed process of customizing EVA case.

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